Charming Yangling

- The first national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone in China

- National Food Safety Demonstration City

- The only free trade zone with distinctive agricultural characteristics among all pilot free trade zones of China

- National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base

- The significant birthplace of Chinese agriculture civilization

- National Modern Agriculture Industrial Park

- Well-known “Agricultural City” in China and at abroad

- Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Zone

- The host city of “China Yangling Agri Hi-Tech Fair”, one of the four science and technology exhibitions with the key support of our country

- Foreign Aid Training Base for Chinese Dry Farming Techniques

Administrative Organization System

The Administrative Committee of Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone as a directly affiliated resident institution of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and a public institution at department level, has the administrative power of prefecture level and economic power of provincial level. With a total area of 135km2 and a total population of 240,000, Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone subordinates an institution of county level - Yangling Distric

Natural Geography

Located in the west-central part of Guanzhong Plain of Shaanxi Province, Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industry Demonstration Zone reaches Qishui River as the boundary with Wugong County to the east, echoes Zhouzhi County across Weihe River to the south, borders on Fufeng County to the west and adjoins Fufeng County by Weishui River to the north. It situates between 108º~108º07’at east longitude and 34º12’~34º20’at northern latitude, about 16km from east to west, and 7km from south the north. Th

Tourism Resources

Yangling has rich cultural relics, enriched agricultural resources and unique characteristics of agricultural science and technology. It has been successively approved as one of the first batch of agricultural tourism demonstration sites, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration region. In recent years, based on the tourism development orientation of “Holy Farming Land, Agricultural Science Highland, Health and Blessed Place”, and with the target of “Building the world-renown

Co-construction System

Yangling is located in northwest inland, and agriculture is a disadvantaged industry, so it is a long and tough process to realize agricultural modernization. In addition, in the early days of Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industry Demonstration Zone, 10 science and education units were managed by different organizations, thus, it was difficult to give full play to the joint force of science and education resources, and the infrastructure, administrative management and coordination service were

Technical Innovation

In recent years, Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone earnestly implements the spirit of the Official Reply of the State Council, exerts the effect as a demonstration zone based on a higher level, deeply implements the development strategy of innovation-driven, accelerates the construction of the world-renowned agricultural science and technology innovation demonstration zone, improves its ability of technical innovation and demonstration-promotion continuously. Based on

Grand China Yangling Agri Hi-Tech Fair

Founded in 1994, CAF has been successively held for 25 sessions. During the 25 years, CAF always adhered to the exhibition tenet of “serving agriculture, rural area and farmers”, and continuously innovated in operation mechanism, exhibition form and connotation. With constant improvement in internationalization, marketization and professional level and ever-expanding influence, CAF has become a major platform for demonstration and popularity of agricultural science and technology in China and a