Charming Yangling

- The first national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone in China

- National Food Safety Demonstration City

- The only free trade zone with distinctive agricultural characteristics among all pilot free trade zones of China

- National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base

- The significant birthplace of Chinese agriculture civilization

- National Modern Agriculture Industrial Park

- Well-known “Agricultural City” in China and at abroad

- Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Zone

- The host city of “China Yangling Agri Hi-Tech Fair”, one of the four science and technology exhibitions with the key support of our country

- Foreign Aid Training Base for Chinese Dry Farming Techniques

Technical Innovation

Published: 2018-12-04 22:12

In recent years, Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone earnestly implements the spirit of the Official Reply of the State Council, exerts the effect as a demonstration zone based on a higher level, deeply implements the development strategy of innovation-driven, accelerates the construction of the world-renowned agricultural science and technology innovation demonstration zone, improves its ability of technical innovation and demonstration-promotion continuously.

Based on the integrative development of the demonstration zone and universities, take the advantage of the support effect of science and technology on the development of economic society, Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone pays close attention to innovation focusing on leading industry, cultivates industry focusing on innovation resource, implements the original innovation improvement and industrial technology innovation engineering, works hard for achieving a batch of significant scientific achievement, and promotes the aggregation of technology innovation factors and the industrial development of the demonstration zone. The first is to build a collaborative innovation mechanism both inside and outside the zone, promote the integrative development of the zone and universities, study and put forward an Opinion on the Integrative Development of the Zone and Universities, make a comprehensive arrangement to make the two collaborative innovation unions – National Agriculture Science and Technology Park and New Rural Development Institute, and Shaanxi Agricultural Collaborative Innovation and Promotion Alliance come into play. According to the thought of deploying innovation chain centering on industrial chain, focusing on the development of major industry of the demonstration zone, targeting at the major field and key links such as national food security, ecological safety and dry-land agricultural development technology etc. to organize and implement significant industry-university-research-application collaborative innovation project, which promoted effectively the amalgamation of science and industry. The second is to cultivate and strengthen innovative subject and implement the strategy of “3631”, strengthen the cultivation of scientific and technological enterprise, intensify the construction of innovation platform and further improve the ability of technical innovation through formulating and completing the policies and measures like Measures for Promoting the Development of Scientific and Technological Enterprise, Measures for Supporting the Construction and Development of Technical Innovation Platform, Management Method of Technical Innovation Platform of Demonstration Zone etc. There are 52 small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises are included into the enterprises to be cultivated into real hi-tech enterprise, complete accumulatively 66 scientific research platforms above ministerial and provincial-level. Build 21 enterprise technology innovation centers relying on such key enterprises in major field in the demonstration zone as biotechnology, agricultural machinery equipment, food processing etc. The third is to accelerate the commercialization of research findings, accelerate the construction of trade and exhibition center for scientific and technological achievements in agriculture, set up trade and exhibition platform online and offline. At the same time, the zone is promoting to set up the leading fund for commercialization of agricultural research findings, and the displaying, trading, transferring and transforming of all kinds of commercialization of research findings in Yangling, build a long-term mechanism for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, study and formulate the Scheme of Industrialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements Mechanism of Integration of the Zone and Universities and explore to create an evaluation system for the commercialization of research findings.

The Demonstration Zone structured and formed an entrepreneurial work system in “quaternity” including cultivation of entrepreneurial ability, business incubation, entrepreneurial resource sharing and investment and financing for entrepreneurship, cultivate the team entrepreneurial ability through supporting universities to set up entrepreneurial curriculum and carrying out activities of entrepreneurship salon, support the construction of Incubation carrier and resource sharing platform and set up the incubation carrier of “one space, one workshop, one park and one street” through formulating and issuing a series of policies and measures, create technical entrepreneurial environment and atmosphere through setting up innovation and entrepreneurship Angel investment fund and seeded incubation project to promote the fast growth of potential entrepreneur team and attract more teams to start business in Yangling. At present, there are one national incubator, three mass entrepreneurship spaces, two national “Xingchuang Tiandi”and two provincial “Xingchuang Tiandi”, 17 resource sharing platforms such as key laboratories which are opened to entrepreneur teams in the Demonstration Zone, 728 innovation and entrepreneurship teams in total are attracted to start business in Yangling, these teams are large in quantity, full of energy and grow fast, which have become the fresh troops for the economic development and achievement transformation of the Demonstration Zone.